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Jul 27, 2012 9:00am PDT
into the rink for the first time. at 12-year-olds, marlen esparza, the young girl from texas is poised to become a star. we take up her story. ♪ >> when you beat somebody in the ring, you are not just beating them up or something. you are like beating the entire symbolism of them. you are beating who they are. >> reporter: marlen esparza's early mornings start with math, how much to eat. how far to run. how many pounds, sprints, crunches, and how many endless hours of training will it take to win? why are you here everyday? >> i want to win. this is my life and this is what i do. like, i can honestly say that this is who i am. right here, you are with me, and this is what i do. >> reporter: esparza trains in a gym along a lonely stretch of houston's i-10. coach rudy silva took charge of her life when she was just 12. she is now 22. is she allowed to have a boyfriend? >> no. >> reporter: is she allowed to party on the weekends? >> no. >> reporter: is she allowed to take a few days off and not train because she is worn out? >> no. >> reporter: that is a lot of noes. >> yes. >> marlen e
Jul 20, 2012 9:00am PDT
wonderful smile and infectious laugh and vivacious and fiesty texas redhead and loved hockey and had an aspiration to be a sportscaster and worked here at one of the local radio stations and tv stations as an intern here, and she had dreams of doing great things. her motto was not that i am here for second place or third place, but she is like, i'm here to win. we n we never had any doubts that she wouldn't aspire to great things. it is amazing that her life was cut so short so quickly. >> i want to read to the viewers some of the tweets that are coming out from her friends. she also went by the last name of redfield, and it says if you ever had any interaction with jessica redfield, you know that the world is much worse off without her. she loved hockey and wanted to share that love with others. she rocked. tell us a little bit about how i understand that that there was an experience before where she, her life was almost taken when there was a shooting at a mall in toronto that she managed to escape. >> yes. it was quite interesting, because she had talked about it and she was dating a
Jul 23, 2012 9:00am PDT
professionally, he came here to bring his sister home to his parents in texas. so grieving that loss. yesterday i spent the day with friends of staff sergeant jesse childress who was 29 years old, and served in the air force here. they were so stunned, and you mentioned that sort of feeling guilty. these friends of his had convinced him to come with him to the midnight screening of batman, suzanne, friday and apparently he wanted to go the next day, and they convinced him to come, and they were feeling guilty it is in part their fault, and i assured them that it is not their fault, but they are dealing with that. one of them, his air force members and friends of his within the air force said i will never go to a movie again, this has shaken me to the core. i feel in part responsible. so it is a massive range of emotions. i spent time on saturday with some of the evacuees and people who were not injured in this, but they were evacuated in the apartment home with holmes lived on 690 north paris street, because the home was filled with ieds and a lot of them were parents with numer
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)